faith, musings, travel

The Road

There are a few things about driving that can apply to life. When you drive you have to keep your eyes on the road ahead. It’s important to see what’s ahead of you: the road conditions, other traffic and an assortment of other things. With life you have to keep your focus on what’s ahead of you. The future is never a definitive road, but you must keep checking and looking as things come at you. As you’re zipping down the highway you will occasionally glance in your rear view mirrors to see what’s coming up behind you. If one’s focused too much on the rear view then any sudden change the road makes may cause the driver to slam into a ditch, pole, or other various sundry objects placed in the roadway. The same with life. If you’re looking back too much and wishing you’ve done things differently you’ll never really see where you’re headed on the road to life. Keep your focus forward and only look back to gauge where you’ve come from but don’t linger there. Perhaps this all sounds so trivial, but today I was thinking about the fact that a lot of us — me included — have this tendency to always look back. Always focused on some major crisis that turned us(me) in a different direction. Life is like that. Things happen and life turns us down a road that we might not want to take. We can get off eventually and it might take time. We must learn from our mistakes and move on. Don’t look back too much and never focus there, you’ll run off the road or hit something. Keep looking forward! The road will take you to where you want to go. Allow God to be your navigator and listen to Him when He tells you to go, stop or turn. Pay attention and keep going. — from Road Trip: The Highway of Life Devotional © by Steven C. Macon

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