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Whiskey Sour

4801b-Whiskey2BSourThis is the first of the Jacqueline “Jack” Daniels murder mysteries. We find our Lieutenant Daniels to be an older police woman who’s made it where she is by sheer determination and guts. This latest case she gets called into involves a number of mutilated bodies and a maniac that calls himself the Gingerbread Man. Little does Jack know that from the first body to the next, she’s in the cross-hairs of our killer and this one is a well calculated dance with death that Jack will soon feel the heat of the music.

This is actually my first read of JA Konrath and for the most part liked this gripping tale of cold calculated exterminations by a person who could be your next door neighbor (no this is not a spoiler). Mr. Konrath certainly has a following and I’ll probably read the next in the series. Always good to start from the beginning.

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