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Summer Fisher’s life as a reporter is basically boring. She’s tired of the petty crime stories and the occasion fluffy dog show she’s been assigned over the years. She can do better than this. Certainly there’s a big story out there with her name on it. Perhaps even providence has a hand in something. Summer is called to her boss’s office and handed a file folder: her next assignment.

“Contact the guy on the front page!” he snaps, also handing her a long box of aluminum foil.

“You’ll probably going to need this!” He laughs.

Thus begins Summer’s plunge into a world filled with dark secrets that have been around for five hundred years. This simple beginning will change her life forever as she interviews people connected to a theory about the earth that is scorned, maligned and considered conspiracy at the biggest level. She will come in contact with people on both sides of the fence about this earth theory, some with connections to the US government, classified operations and sinister forces well beyond the human eye. This whole assignment will change the way Summer looks at the world and everything in it.

James Armentrout has penned another page turning novel that will surely put a lot of questions into the reader’s mind. Awakened pieces historical and scientific truths and untruths together in a tangled action thriller that is sure to raise a few questioning eyebrows. The key note here is investigation before condemnation. There are truth seeds in a field of lies, one only has to find them out.

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