musings, sci-fi


9eb1c-railroadcrossingHaven’t done any work on the sci-fi series in months. Actually, the series has taken a backseat to the current project which is totally not sci-fi. Hopefully after the first of the year things will get back more into a routine. These past several months had some medical issues that made things a little more than hectic, almost like a train that has derailed. You’re going along just fine and then out of nowhere some part of the train leaves the track and brings down the whole thing. That’s kind of how I’ve felt for the last few months or so: derailed.

Now I have to get back on my feet and push forward. Getting back up, as in pulling train cars out of ditches, takes a little more than effort. Sometimes it requires pushing and pulling, lifting and nudging, to get back on the track. It takes time, effort and a lot of patience. Once that’s done, moving back down the track will start out slowly, but eventually you’ll get up to speed.

Heading into the new year will present it’s own set of events that may pose a possible derailment again. But, I’m guarding against that and looking forward to getting back to business and moving on with the things that have been given to me to do.

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