Stop & Smell the Coffee

Are we so busy with our jobs, schools, ministries and such that we fail to see the world around us? Has this high-tech environment sucked all the real meaning of life out of our poor souls? One has to wonder at times the cost of all these “gadgets” that have become our life-support systems. As I’ve gotten older, I’m suddenly aware of the confines of the current culture and it’s instability at making one happy and pleased with one’s lot in life. Perhaps it is time to stop and smell the coffee for a change and not just guzzle it down. Life’s not always a drive thru. Pause, sit, sip and gaze around you. Besides smelling the coffee, breath deep the aroma of the flowers in the garden. It’s time to slow down and see the scenery along the way. Ponder this today.
— excerpt Stop & Smell the Coffee © by Steven C. Macon