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Gunfight at Gower Gulch

“Shots fired!”
“Backup needed!” the police radio screams.
“Another fight at Hollywood and Gower!”

Thus Detective Rick Martin of the LAPD is called in to interview the victim of the Gower Gulch Gunfight. The incident included actors and stunt men from minor studios that mainly produced a lot of B-westerns. The major representatives from the studios wanted this all hushed up as Detective Martin soon learns that his gunfight has long tentacles connected to a deep dark conspiracy that reaches back hundreds of years.

Little did Detective Martin know that his interview with Jonathan Six, the victim in the Gower Gulch Gunfight would bring him and his stenographer, Nancy, into a tangled world of mystery, murder and mayhem with real famous outlaws and gunfighters.

Paul Dellinger has crafted a wonderful book that brings the legends of the Old West, both good and bad, as well as historical facts into a page turning western thriller that is sure to make the reader to want to see some of the old B-Western movies. It is also a reminder that evil can orchestrate a lot of history for it’s own sinister purposes. The tools this evil uses can influence the masses as well with simple entertainment. This is a great read!

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