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Baby Cat & The Gang

“Baby Cat”© SCM

We have several older cats in our house. This past year, two of our furry house guests celebrated being on this planet for 17 years. Baby Cat, yes that’s her name, is the oldest by three months over Mattie our Manx and then there’s Gracie who’s three years behind them. Baby Cat is our senior, senior kitty. We never thought to change her name, thus Baby Cat has stuck with her all this time.

Baby Cat was a stray that wondered up to our apartment complex with her mother one day. We called them Momma Cat and Baby Cat as we didn’t really want to give them a name which would make them more endearing to us. They would meet us in the parking lot when we pulled in and begin to meow. They looked like they were not getting a lot to eat. We ignored them for the first several days. Later, my wife talked to a neighbor across the street and she informed us that the cats were the other neighbor’s but they just got scrapes. The other neighbor really didn’t want them, so they basically became feral cats. After a time we felt sorry for them and started giving them a little food down by the tree near the parking lot. Then they showed up at our upstairs apartment and we began feeding them there. This went on for a couple of months. Then one day our neighbor across the street told us that Baby Cat was wondering the main highway at night and she was concerned she’d get run over. So, we decided to bring Baby Cat into the apartment with our other two cats, Littlefeet and Mattie. What to do with Momma Cat? I talked with a co-worker who had just lost her cat and she agreed to take Momma. Problem solved.

A number of years after Baby Cat became part of the kitty guests at our abode, Gracie came along. She was part of a group of kittens that had been abandoned when the students at a local college went home for the summer, leaving them. The maintenance man at the job site where I work almost ran over them with his lawnmower. Out of the eight little kittens, Gracie caught my eye and I just had to bring her home. We now had four furry friends to entertain us. Then, one cold December Littlefeet had to be rushed to the animal hospital and she never came home. She went over the Rainbow Bridge to be with her Creator. It was tough, but we got through it. Three years later one more rescue joined our little band; Simon, the Bridge Kitty. He almost got tossed off a bridge one morning, but we were there to save his little furry butt.

That’s the tale of the rescue kitties. Baby Cat, our senior, senior is doing well and has her only little personality quirks that make her fun. She is a blessing to us as well as our other furry adoptees.

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