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Gracie Went Home

Yesterday I posted, Baby Cat & The Gang. Little did I know that less than eight hours later, our Gracie would head over the Rainbow Bridge to join Littlefeet and Sam. Needless to say, the whole event was heart wrenching.

Gracie hadn’t been feeling well for several weeks. First tests didn’t really reveal anything, but sometimes the lingering villain plays hide and seek. The last several days she had been very lethargic. I took her to the vet a little after lunch Friday. At 3:30 the vet called and told me the news. Gracie had cancer as well as fluid on the lungs. She might have a few more days, weeks left. There was really nothing they could do. So, the difficult choice was made. We didn’t want her to suffer any more, because even though we couldn’t tell, she was in pain.

Gracie had been part of the gang for nearly 15 years. She was loved very much. It still hurts as I write this, but her memory will forever be with us.

Some believe animals just die and that’s it. But, the breathe of life is God given and He takes it back. I strongly believe that Gracie is now with her Creator. She’s there with Sam, our first kitty and Littlefeet. We’ll see them again one of these days. For now, we have pictures and memories.

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