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Collar & the Cavvarach

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The Collar and the Cavvarach
Krillonian Chronicles – Book 1
by Annie Douglass Lima

Picture yourself in a world where slavery is as common as union workers, nurses and doctors. Strange world one might think. Most Americans and folks in western culture only know about slavery through history or current media hype. But, envision this world, very much like our present everyday, that has embraced slavery as a way to punish criminals for breaking the law. It doesn’t matter what the color of your skin might be or a particular race you may belong to; commit a crime and get a collar sealed around your neck for a long time,, maybe even the rest of your life. This collar will be your stigma, your everyday reminder that you are less than the average person on the street. The Collar and the Cavvarach is a remarkable story of a young slave known simply as Bensin, and his younger sister. Bensin’s sole purpose is to see his sister free, away from the cruel stigma of the collar. Freedom cost something, that’s a given. What’s the cost? As with anything dealt on the darker side of society, these costs are all subject to those who are willing to pay and those willing to make a deal. Sometimes just running away is the first stage in the race toward freedom. Bensin’s escape from his present owners doesn’t end very well at all. He is captured by the authorities and returned to his owners who have had enough. Bensin is sold. Even though it may appear that things are not turning out well, Bensin’s future as a slave is now in the hands of a man who admires the young slave’s skill at cavvara shil, a martial arts form that he participates in his free time. Yes, believe it or not, slaves are guaranteed some free time according to the law. Cavvara shil is lauded all over the Empire and one can earn a good living at it. Now Bensin can really purchase his sister’s freedom and perhaps even his own. But will Bensin’s past play a role in derailing his freedom trail? Annie Lima Douglass has crafted a remarkable story, about a very brave and motivated young man who will win the reader’s heart as this tale moves with the finesse of a martial arts craftsman at the top of his game. Get the book and read it. You’ll not be disappointed.

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