faith, musings

Feet to Your Faith

“Doth not he see my ways, and count all my steps?” — Job 31:4

There comes times in our lives when we have to put “feet to our faith.” Basically that means doing what you know to do and then leaving God to orchestrate the rest. In this transition period putting feet to my faith means doing the necessary things required to achieve the goal. We just can’t sit back and wait on God to drop something in our laps. He might, but he wants us to take the steps that we need to and let him do the rest. There may come a point in time where he wants us to stand still and see what he will do. Yet, after that we still have to step forward. So, for right now, take the necessary steps to “put feet to your faith.” Now it’s up to God to open the doors and give favor.

— excerpt Road Trip: The Highway of Life Devotional © Steven C. Macon

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