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Mess in the House

Sometimes things resurface to remind us of things; perhaps to get our attention to what might be happening in our lives today. I found this old journal entry from several years ago that caused me to think. I wrote the following:

“I think our lives are like this house we live in – dirty – full of dirty dishes and messy floors. I never thought I could live like this. But I think that is how it is with sin. You adjust and accept it and it deadens you to the things around you.”

In looking back at this entry I remember it was a time when the jobs were taking all our time and energy and we were simply living from getting up to going to bed without a thought as to how really messy the house was getting. Days like that you are basically on autopilot and your focus is some place else.

Even today the house still gets messy at times, but we’re quickly learning again to keep things picked up and clean. So should we be with our walk with the Lord. Yes, it will get messy at times, but we just clean it up (with His help of course) and continue on.

—excerpt from Road Trip: The Highway of Life Devotional © by Steven C. Macon

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