cats, death, faith, musings

Missing Gracie

It’s been three weeks since Gracie has gone over the Rainbow Bridge. She still lingers like a ghost when we see the basket she use to sleep in or the kitchen chair she so often sat in. Simon, our youngest kitty, sat in it for several days after her passing. He knew she had left and wasn’t coming back. The other kitties, Baby Cat and Mattie, don’t show any signs that’s she’s gone. Baby and Gracie were never really great fans of each other, just tolerated the space.

We do have her ashes in a very nice crafted box that our vets had done for us. Probably at some point in time, we’ll place her along side Littlefeet and give them a proper place for their ashes to remain. But right now, they are safely tucked away in a secure spot, as well as safely tucked away in our hearts forever.

Our pets are family and when you lose a family member it takes time to process the lose, the grief and the future without that family member. I miss my little snug cat very much. In time, the grief will go away and the memories will always bring a smile to my lips.

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