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Hero Dog

The following are several post excepts that I posted a number of years ago on another site. I thought I’d post it again here. These are the several posts and the video (tagged at the end) that inspired what I wrote.

“I think for centuries man has had the mindset that animals are just dumb beast. No intelligence, just survival instincts and nothing more. I think the video attached to this post makes a clear statement that animals, just like us humans, have a sense of love, hate, honor, loyalty, courage and compassion. After all, Adam had fellowship with all God’s creatures in the beginning. I think that fellowship involved a keen understanding of each other. All the above emotions played a part in that and I think we should all look at animals a little differently.

The video about the dog in Chile keeps haunting me. To me it speaks so much about how we humans have thought so highly of ourselves as the only intelligent life on the planet. We see ourselves as superior to everything that moves and breathes here on planet Earth. This footage of this dog speaks of courage, risk, love and compassion that we ourselves hold so dear. It shows that the other creatures of this great Blue Marble also feel what we feel and react accordingly. I often wonder what is was like for Adam to have fellowship with the other creatures of this planet. It is said that dog is man’s best friend. Why is that? I think if we were to look around, we’d see that there are other creatures out there that want to be our friends. But, we have fallen from Grace and sin has dipped us into a loathing that permeates our whole existence. Every now and then we get glimpses into what it once was like. This little dog in Chile has told us he tried to save his friend, at his own peril, but it was too late. Even though his friend died, he did do something. He is a hero and his shadow will always remain with me. Always!”

A friend of mine send me the dog video again thinking that I never saw it. This one was narrated by a news commentator who basically described what happened in the course of the action. At the end I found out that the injured dog survived the whole ordeal. Praise the Lord! He would have been run over by numerous motorists had not his friend, who risked his life, pulled him to safety. I think this should give us all pause to think about the other inhabitants on this planet. They were created by our Creator. They bleed, they feel things the way we do and I think they also understand deeply about loyalty and life itself. I think it’s time we should seriously consider these other inhabitants and try to understand them and help them. Let’s look beyond The Theory of Evolution (and that’s what it is, Theory, not Fact) and Science and consider what God has created and why. Hero Dog in Chile Video.

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