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Secret Invasion

Simon Carr is a reporter. He’s on assignment, however, reluctantly. He’s in Roanoke, Virginia to cover the sci-fi convention called Star-Con. He’s not really thrilled about all this weirdness, but, as a favor to his old boss at the Roanoke Times, he’s flown in from Highland Falls, New York for the three days of sci-fi razzle dazzle. Besides, he’s getting a good paycheck for this little bit of annoyance. Simon barely gets checked into the hotel when he comes face to face with a wild-eyed young man whose skin has a pale-blue tinge all over, and who is making inarticulate sounds as he grabs at Simon and the other occupants of the elevator with claw-like fingers. His stringy blond hair sticks out in all directions. Thus begins the search for the REAL alien entity that has infiltrated the sci-fi convention. Will Simon find out who this alien being really is in the middle of all the convention goers? Simon is in for the scare of his life as he tries to figure this out.

Paul Dellinger has penned another great science fiction mystery set in the common everyday of conventioneers who thrive on star stuff. This is an entertaining short read that might get you thinking who’s really who at the next sci-fi convention you might attend. Add Secret Invasion to your reading wish list.

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