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The Cat That God Sent

Can you loose your faith? For young Jake Wilkerson it would seem so. He’s a young, recently fired pastor, who takes a new assignment in a very small rural Pennsylvania church. He’s well trained and well schooled. Ministry in this tiny town will definitely take a new approach to how he use to do things. Plus, he has a secret and he’s very good at keeping secrets about himself. He’s not the only one with secrets. A young runaway shows up as his door with a secret of her own that is clawing at the back of her consciousness. Then, God sends a cat to this small church as well. The cat is named Petey. Where he came from is anybody’s guess, even his. What kind of cat is Petey? That’s another mystery that could be solved with DNA testing, but that’s not likely to happen. Petey is perceptive; that’s why God sent him. The cat’s on a divine mission. Petey shows up the same day Jake arrives at his new church and from this point on, nothing will be the same. Change is coming for both humans and the little cat.

This book was loaned to my wife, but I decided to read it first. At the time, I was in one of those low moments when faith looked impossible and reading this book showed me that God will make a way to bring faith back into the picture.

This is about how a whole community began to change when something as simple as a little cat starts to bring people into each others lives. It’s a rich story of individuals who have secrets of their own and are torn with how to deal with those secrets. We all have secrets and we must deal with them in ways that only God knows how. Perhaps he’ll send you a cat to help you along, help you find out what’s really behind that secret that is causing so much hurt.

From reading the reviews, I know some don’t like this book, but for me and a lot of others it speaks volumes about the human heart and how easy it can be hurt. It’s a story of healing and learning just to be ourselves with each other. Some reviewers pointed out the lack of Jesus in this book, at least the mention of his name. But for me, I see Jesus in every page. Jesus said you have to have faith and this book is about finding faith and hanging on to it.

The Cat That God Sent is a great novel! I would place this along side, Orange as Marmalade, by my author friend, Fran Stewart. She knows cats, and cats are focal points in several of her books.

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