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The Nameless Soldier

He has a hero’s name. It’s only fitting he should be in the military. In his eight months enlistment, Tarvic has done well, but that is about to change. While bivouacked with his unit some distance from the city of Almar, Tarvic and his tentmate, Drevel, are aroused from their sleep by a shout. They suddenly find themselves in the middle of a ruthless battle brought on by the invading Malorians. Caught by surprise, Tarvic fights desperately to keep himself alive. Wounded and disoriented, he manages to get to the edge of the forest where he lapses into unconsciousness. When Tarvic awakens, it appears that everyone has fled or died. His hope seems to vanish in the silence of the dead bodies. As he tries to find out what has happened in Alasia, he is confronted by nagging voices in his head that he’s failed. He didn’t live up to his heroic name. These whispered accusations follow him as he ventures forward into a land occupied by the enemy and the possibility of being captured or killed.

This is a compelling story of a young man facing his darkest foes, himself and expectations that are trying to drive him mad. It’s not until he comes into an encounter with three young girls that he finds his destiny, all the while never allowing them to really know who he is or his name. It’s better to stay Nameless, because that way, no one will get attached.

Annie Douglass Lima has penned another page turning tale that will warm your heart and cause the reader’s heart to pound. Get this book, it will make a great addition to any reader’s library.

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