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Life Preserver

In a conversation with someone I was reminded of a statement that I heard forty plus years ago while I was in college. This is what it was:

“Religion is man’s search for God.
Christianity is God’s search for man.”

While I was in college I was fascinated by this statement. At the time I thought it was very profound. That it truly represented the core reason for Christianity. But now, giving it a little more thought I now have a differing opinion. The statement is true in one sense of the phrase. Man is searching for God, for a higher power and a reason for the meaning of life. Hence all the different religions in this world. But, now looking at the other part of the statement: is Christianity God’s search for man? Is God really searching for man? No, God hasn’t lost man. On the contrary, God is attempting to rescue man. He is attempting to rescue that which he has created, which he placed value in and wants to redeem it from destruction. He has made a way out; a life preserver, so to speak. That life preserver in two words is Jesus Christ. Man and his attempt to search for God continually fails to see the life preserver that has been flung out for a people in need of rescue. Grab on to it and hold fast because there is a storm coming where if you do not have a firm grip on this instrument of rescue you will get swept away in the coming storm.
—excerpt Road Trip © SCM

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