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The Beast of Talesend

And they lived happily ever after. It’s a phrase, six words that pops up almost in every fabled fairytale story that has ever been written or made into a movie or a television special. As kids we’re enthralled with the idea of forever bliss by our Prince and Princess Charmings, whoever they may be. As we get older, we kind of forget about the tales and whatever happened afterwards. But, have you ever pondered what exactly goes on after ever after? Well, step into the world of Private Investigator Nick Beasley, who has garnered a name for himself in the city of Talesend. Nick is not your average PI, checking out Who Done Its. No, Nick’s reputation is centered around sniffing out the fraudulent perpetrators of so called magic. That’s right magic. This is no ordinary place, not this city of Talesend. It’s 1922 E.A. (Ever After). Kind of reminiscent of our own Roaring Twenties. Times are pristine with fancy automobiles, airships and people moving across the landscape oblivious to the fact that perhaps magic is out there somewhere, lurking to be discovered and reawakened. PI Nick has proven himself to be the best debunker of fraudulent magic. He savors it. It’s his job to make sure that the wielders of magic are revealed to be nothing more than tricksters trying to put one over on a very foolish population. But things change when Lady Cordelia Beaumont and her father get Nick involved in a magical mystery chase that changes Nick’s mind, once and for all, about if magic is real or not. Lady Cordelia turns out to be an enchantress who turns Nick into a very real Beast. Now Nick is looking at the world differently. The chase continues as Nick and Cordelia go after the powerful magical artifact that not only turned Nick into a hairy beast, but has the potential to change the landscape of Talesend forever. Is anyone safe now that magic is on the loose?

The Beast of Talesend is a very entertaining book that spins you into a world on the otherside of the fairytale. Kyle Robert Shultz has written a yarn with a very adventurous hero who will make you stop and think sometimes as to the reality of things. This is my first venture into the Afterlands and certainly will not be my last. We’ll see where PI Nick Beasley and Lady Cordelia go from here.

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