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Postcards From The Lions Den

We all enjoy getting postcards from our friends and family as they travel to scenic places. Some are inscribed, Wish you were here! It’ll bring a smile to our face and we, perhaps, really do wish we were there. It all sounds like fun, exciting and filled with wonderment.

But, have you ever gotten a postcard from someone who might be in dire straits? Perhaps a little snippet saying that they’re in some dark cave, surrounded by wild beast that are ready to pounce. This little postcard is like a lifeline, sent out to tell the world what they might be facing, what’s lurking in the shadows of this deep cave; this den of lions. This life moment that could be disastrous. Such postcards are rare; it’s basically the: Wish you were here; Enjoying the good times, postcards we usually receive.

“It’s dark, the only light from a simple candle, a pen and several postcards are on a rock next to the large boulders that make up this den. That’s right den, a dark pit that has become life for the moment.” — a random thought from a random time in my life.

In reality, life can be a lions den at times. You’re sitting in the dark, hearing the hisses and rumblings of wild beasts ready to pounce because in their mind you’re breakfast, lunch or dinner. Their slinking around, sniffing to see if you’re on guard or relaxed or simply ignorant of their presence. Life has its lions, the wild beasts of the everyday out to snack on you at any given moment. These wild creatures may be your boss, a co-worker, a family member or even a close personal friend. Confrontation can come at any moment, from any direction and the consequences can be deadly to say the least.

Perhaps you’ve written about ten postcards telling your friends; Wish you were here. I need a little help with this situation. Yet, the postcards lay there, collecting dust because you’re afraid to get up, walk toward the front of the den and drop them in the out going mail slot. Funny? Perhaps, but isn’t journals postcards from the lions den of life? You jot down what you’re going through, what happened, why, when and where. Who caused it, etc. These little snippets are the postcards we’d like to mail to friends and family. Dare we get up and walk toward that mail slot? Mostly, we want to keep these postcards to ourselves, they’re not to be shared with loved ones. That’s okay. Sometimes writing the postcard is the best therapy for the moment.

Even in the middle of Life’s Lions Den, we can be as confident as Daniel and know that He Who Knows All Things is right there with us. He’s already read our postcards and you didn’t even have to drop them into the mail slot. He does understand the dark cave we might be hold up in. He will not allow these Beasts of the Everyday to maim or kill us. He has shut the mouth of the Accusers. We must boldly hang onto this confidence in the Creator of All Things – our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. There is no pit, no lions den, so deep that He is not deeper still.
—excerpt from Stop & Smell the Coffee © SCM

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