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The Student and the Slave

Tarnestra, the lone province in the Krillonian Empire to outlaw slavery, is now home of thousands of freedom seeking slaves. Yes, Bensin’s collar is gone, but freedom, the one he envisioned for himself and his sister, certainly looks much different than what he envisioned. This influx of freedom seeking slaves has stretched the job markets to the maximum as well as other services. Bensin needs a job and he’s desperate to find one. He has a goal, to get enough money to rescue the man who became a father figure. Coach Steene put himself in harms way to help Bensin and his sister get to the land of the free. Coach must be rescued and Bensin must find a way to do so.

While Bensin and Ellie struggle with their new found freedom, Steene, must cope with his own new role in life, that of a slave. This new role has been a hard reality for Coach Steene. Now, more than ever, he realizes the tragic life Bensin and his sister experienced before they were set free. Steene longs for freedom away from the rich young Nelirian that is now his owner.

The Student and the Slave is another thrilling tale in Annie Lima’s Krillonian Chronicles. Be prepared to face the twisting of lives as a result of slavery and the world it’s brought about.

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