Dark Days of the Soul

“In whose hand is the soul of every living thing, and the breath of all mankind.” — Job 12:10

There are times when we must walk through dark places. Days become encumbered with heart searing sores that pull at our souls and minds and put razor sharp claws to our spirits. It’s times like these that we just want to pull the plug, jump off the nearest bridge or walk in front of the next east bound train. The dark days of our souls. Fear is the hidden enemy, searching out its pray with clever disguises and carefully orchestrated movements of friends, co-workers and family. The enemy of our soul uses every known facet of our lives to bring us down. He wants to keep us from reaching out, seeking help and realizing that, yes, there is hope. Looking back at the wrong moves, missed opportunities or simply bad decisions will, for the most part, only serve the purpose of the enemy. Never focus on looking back, it will only cause you to miss the road ahead or wreck your life. An occasional glance backwards may be okay, but never, ever, give it your undivided attention. Move forward and believe there is an end to every season of your life. One season will pass and a new one will begin. Look forward, look up and keep moving.

—excerpt from Road Trip © SCM