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The Honest Truth

The plan is to reach the mountain. Yes, it could be the Lonely Mountain, but it’s not. It’s Mount Rainier, hundreds of miles way from Mark’s home. Alas, there are no Hobbits or Dwarfs to accompany him on this daring, last ditch effort of adventure before time runs out for him. You see, Mark has cancer, and it’s killing him. Mean, bitterness and pain are now everyday bedfellows for Mark and he wants it to end. Wants everything to end. He wants to go to the mountain, to climb it or spend the last moments of his existence climbing up Rainier’s side. His plan is throughly worked out. His little dog, Beau, will accompany him. Together they runaway and head to the mountain. In the course of this act of desperation and anger, Mark encounters other ugly sides of life which fuels the bitterness and anger in his own soul. Yet along the way, goodness peeks a head out and touches Mark and his dog.

The Honest Truth paints a very touching tale about cancer and how ugly it can be, especially for a kid and those around him. Added to the bitterness, anger and down right badness of people, there is little glimmers of hope, friendship, loyalty and love. All these can be painful and heartwarming at the same time. This story will make you cry, but it will leave you with hope and a sense that determination will pave the way for love ever lasting.

One thought on “The Honest Truth

  1. I’ll definitely have to read this book.. Hope there’s not a lot of tears. I do have a whole box of tissues handy.


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