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What Price Freedom?

There is a saying that freedom is never cheap. Yet there are those who believe that freedom and peace are the same thing. They are not. You can have one without the other. Peace may be the absence of conflict, but it may require the surrender of one’s freedom. Freedom has a price tag which most often requires a cost that is counted in blood. To live free one must be willing to fight and die for that freedom. The greatest sacrifice has been to lose one’s life for the cause of freedom. A lot of Americans throughout history have fought and died to insure that we Americans can live in a land that values individual liberties and the freedom to express ourselves. Many will fight for country, causes and political agendas, but there has been only one who gave his life for mankind everywhere; every country and every continent and island on the face of the planet. His sacrifice transcends the time barrier and carries with it the redemption that only one can make. So, what price freedom? Think about it. It’s costly and only one has ever paid the full amount so our debt can be erased.

—excerpt Stop & Smell the Coffee © SCM

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