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Hamal & The Lightning Girl

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We all love a murder mystery from time to time. Who done it and why always tingles the senses with speculations that the accused is, in fact, very innocent but all clues point to the very fact of guilt. But in King’s Barrow, when a young weathermaker is brought in for supposedly murdering her master, Seer Cale and young healer, Hamal, are sure of the fact she didn’t kill the man. But who did and why still remains to be explained. Their search will pit them against an assortment of characters who get entangled in this web of murder and mystery.

Hamal & The Lightning Girl by Lauren Stinton is a remarkable little short story. Miss Stinton has created a fascinating world where the gifts people posses are displayed in remarkable ways. This is the first glimpse of the Hamal books that I’ve read and I’m sure I’ll read the others after this one. It’s a short read, but well worth it!

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