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Are Sheep Stupid?

Sheep2I made a post several years ago on my first blog about sheep. The reason I did so was that while I was somewhat more active on Facebook than I am today, I came across a shared link to a blog post about the 23rd Psalm and sheep. It was entitled: Sermon on the 23rd Psalm: Sheep are Stupid? I have tried to find this link, but apparently it has vanished into the Ethernet which would probably require a very extensive search that I did not pursue very far.

Needless to say, as I read through that post, I got a little upset with the negative view of the sheep. So, I checked a few things out and responded with a link to the Telegraph in the UK which had an article where the University of Cambridge have found that sheep have more intelligence than we think they do. I think at times our perception of animals is totally wrong. The first few paragraphs of the Sermon blog post got me thinking about another maligned creature, the chicken, and how we associate that with cowardice and also stupidity.

A really good place to learn about chickens is Free From Harm. Robert Grillo has a really good article that address understanding chicken behavior.

Like chickens, sheep have been given a bum wrap. Granted there are times when we humans follow suit and do stupid stuff. Life is full of events of that nature. To be fair, the Sermon blog post made a lot of good points. One sums it up:

“We are sheep in wolves’ clothing. Trying to be cool. Trying to be in charge and independent. Who are we trying to impress? Other sheep? We think hanging out on the fringes makes us cool. Actually, it makes us dinner. Smart sheep stay close to the shepherd.”

Let’s not be your stereotypical sheep. We need to be smart sheep and respond when He calls us by name. Think about it!

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