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The Cat Sitter’s Cradle

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Life on a small resort island can be very profitable in surprising ways. Dixie Hemingway has built her pet-sitting business into popular demand. She’s respected by most of the residents of Siesta Key when it comes to taking care of pets whether they be cat, dog or whatever. Dixie will do the job to the best of her ability and beyond.

This tiny little island off the west coast of Florida is peopled with all sorts of folks from just about every where. Things get really interesting for Dixie when she’s taking a client’s dog out for its early morning walk and stumbles upon a homeless girl who has just given birth. Add to this little discovery is a very rare bird that compounds the mystery. The homeless girl and the bird are just the first elements in Dixie’s drama when she later finds a dead body at the bottom of a client’s swimming pool. From there, things really get entangled.

I found this book in a thrift shop book section. What I read on the inside flap of the cover intrigued me. The book was cheap, so I bought it. Once I started reading, it was a page turner. This was my first ever read of a Dixie Hemingway Mystery. I will definitely have to go back and start with the first book. I’m a fan now! Check out, The Cat Sitter’s Cradle. You might get hooked too!

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