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Where is reality? Liz Smith has been stepping around that question for a long time. She’s a foster kid. She and her parents were involved in a terrible accident. She was the only survivor and the terror of that event has been chasing her for a long time. This haunting specter has now chased her sixty-five light years from Earth. Yes, Liz and a hundred others are outbound to colonize a new world, a new start and hopefully for Liz, a real life for once. History and events have a way of repeating themselves and Liz relives the nightmare accident again as she is suddenly dropped onto an alien planet where she has to adapt or die. Transition can be as deadly a time. How Liz faces this new life event will transcend culture, understanding and truth. In the middle of it all is Hope….

Heartsong is a riveting tale. Annie Douglass Lima has magically penned this incredible journey of a young girl and the deep culture transition that is required of her. This book goes beyond the typical first contact novels. In a sense it’s first contact in reverse and wonderfully scripted with believable alien culture that the reader learns along with young Liz. This book deserves to be put along side Asimov, Clark, Crichton and H.G. Wells. This is a must read for any Sci-Fi fan.

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