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The Stage Play

55x85FrontCVLast summer I spent considerable time revising a stage play that I had written back in the 90s and was published a few years before the turn of this new century by a small press. The small press that had published it became extinct. Like the dinosaurs, this play had been buried for nearly two decades in a file drawer along with other writing projects that I had started and stopped.

After the revisions, I gave it to a friend to read and give me her opinion of the revised play. This friend is an actress and has appeared in several motion pictures and stage productions. She had good things to say, so I decided it was time for a re-release of the play. This took nearly another year of prepping to get it into the final form that will be out shortly.

“So, what’s the play called?” one might ask.

The title is: Life’s A Circus. It’s a comedy which has four male and four female roles. The story takes place in the early 1980’s and centers around Billy Lang, a Vietnam veteran, who writes commercials for a couple local FM radio stations. A former college friend, who Billy hasn’t seen in years, shows up requesting lodging for a time. This college friend has acquired a job at a local amusement park. The resulting misadventures of this reunion makes for some interesting times.

Life’s A Circus should be out soon! Please check the Book Page for more information.

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