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The Time Keeper

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His name is Dor, He is a simple man with a simple life, however, he has this compulsive desire to count things, to measure stuff. How long is a day? How long a night? From this innocent beginning Dor becomes obsessed with measuring the movement of the sun, moon and stars. Dor is the first man to measure time. When Alli, his wife, comes down with a fatal disease, Dor suddenly realizes he needs more time. So he will challenge God and get more time, so his beloved wife will live. In challenging the Almighty, Dor becomes Father Time. He is exiled to a cave he can never escape from and must listen to the cries of countless millions of humans, begging, pleading, and moaning for more time. Eons pass and Dor continues to huddle in his cave, listening, yet trying not to listen because it has become such a burden, such a drain. God gives Dor a change to free himself if he agrees to help two people to embrace the true meaning of time.

God gives Dor an hourglass that can bring time to a slow crawl to aid his quest. The challenge will take Dor to present day Earth where he will find a love sick teenage girl, whose view of herself is less than flattering The other person, is the fourteenth richest man in the world who is dying of kidney failure and is obsessed with trying to become immortal.

This is a book to challenge our concepts and views of how we perceive the world around us. The Time Keeper is a charming tale of how seductive time can become. Time will steal from us, if we allow it. It will take away those that are precious to us. It will cause us to miss the beauty of the world, the sunrises and sunsets, all these that God has painted for us to enjoy each and every moment of our existence.
“There is a reason God limits our days.”
“To make each one precious.” (p. 206)
To make each one precious is the bottom line. The Time Keeper should be in every person’s library and read two or three times a year as a reminder to do just that; make each day precious.

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