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Strange Visions

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I can’t say it’s a new book, just an old book with a new face. This coming Friday, the 21st, is the official release date for the revised edition of Strange Visions of a Daydream Prophet. The last edition went out of print with my old publisher just a little over a year ago. Now, I’m bringing it back with a new publishing provider, Draft2Digital, to see how their new print option goes. I’ll place a link to the book in the title below so you can check it out.

Strange Visions of a Daydream Prophet is observations from the ink well of a younger time in my life. Thoughts and poems written, for the most part, during the turbulent times of the early 1970s. For some, a time a chaos, for others, a time of bright futures and clear sailing.

These poems were resurrected from a dusty file drawer, springing back to life in a new era and a new century. Yet, somehow, these same words still reflect the mood and uneasiness of these new troubled times. Some say history repeats itself, and perhaps in this case, life seems to repeat itself as well as social order and disorder. To find out more about this new revised poetry edition please follow the link in the title: Strange Visions of a Daydream Prophet.

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