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Sneaky Plots & Sinister Designs

Image ADL

There’s a subtle plot sneaking through the palace. It’s been coming for a long time. Who can the young king trust? For that matter, just how safe is the palace itself in regards to those who would like to see this young ruler gone in a permanent way? His sister, the princess, has this uncomfortable feeling that all is not right in the kingdom. But, to get everyone’s mind out of this sinister cloud, she decides a birthday ball is in order. Hopefully this will bring some joy back into the palace and perhaps the kingdom itself. But, the designers behind the sneaky plots have their own agenda and this upcoming ball has just made their plotting that much more easier to accomplish.

Want to know more about Annie Douglass Lima’s new novel, King of Malorn? Yes? Want to perhaps get a free ebook as well? Stay tuned for more information that is on it’s way.

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