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Should I Choose to Die Again

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There’s a special place called King’s Barrow. Special folks live there and have for hundreds of years. These are the gifted people; flamemakers, jewelers, weathermakers, growers, artists, seers, alchemist and healers. Everyone has a gift that they were born with and usually determines what they do in life. Hamal is a young man who considers himself not very clever, not the brightest flower in the garden. He’s just average in most things, even his gift as a healer; at least from his viewpoint. There are other healers better than himself. Hamal always leaves scars from his healing efforts. Then one evening, on his may back to stay with the flamemakers in the Tunnel, after all it’s very cold and Hamal doesn’t like the cold and living with flamemakers makes sure there’s a warm side to life, Hamal witnesses a murder. A man is thrown out of a carriage and stabbed to death. The villains shout nasty remarks and speed off. Hamal is perplexed, but does what he’s best at; healing. The man is saved from death, even though Hamal can’t fully heal is hand, and thus young Hamal drags the man back to the Tunnel to recover. Hamal hopes he’s gained a new friend. Actually, this event will change Hamal’s life in more ways than he could possibly imagined.

Should I Choose to Die Again by Lauren Stinton is a well crafted book that presents an interesting side of life. The gifts and callings of people and how they shape their lives. This is a remarkable tale of a young man who does what he always does and finds himself in the middle of a very sinister plotting by others who want to shape the kingdom to their thinking. This is a good book to add to your library.

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