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Prince of Alasia

Image by ADL

The residents of Almar go to sleep one night and by the next morning everyone’s life is suddenly changed for the worse. The invasion by the kingdom of Malorn was carefully orchestrated, going according to their evil plan, except there was one hitch. Young Prince Jaymin just barely makes it out of the palace as the invaders sweep in leaving a trail of blood and death. Lucky to escape with is young bodyguard, Erik, Jaymin flees to a nearby town to find a place to hide. The young prince and bodyguard’s lives depend on their ability to blend in with the common everyday folk as the
invaders tighten their grip on the kingdom of Alasia.

Young Prince Jaymin is determined to find a way to drive out the invaders and get back his kingdom. How and when will take careful planning and finding those loyal soldiers who are willing to resume the fight against the invaders. Finding allies will take time and effort. In this desperate plight to stay hidden and out of sight, the prince learns what really goes on in the average commoner’s life. This is eye opening for him and he’s determined more than ever to gain back his kingdom. The final answer comes in a most unusual way.

Annie Douglass Lima’s gift as a storyteller is a remarkable one. She has crafted a tale of lose, woe and heartache. But intertwined within the tale there are threads of hope, love and loyalty beyond all things. The Prince of Alasia is a gut level tale about the cruelty of conquest and the hope of survival. Ms. Lima has painted a picture of true heroic efforts of a young man’s will to loose everything to find a way to bring back hope to the people he has been born to rule over. Annie Douglass Lima has penned a classic tale that should be in every fantasy enthusiast’s library.

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