Update City 19:5

The summer is almost gone. Twenty eight more days and we’ll be in Autumn or Fall, however you wish to call it. In our part of the country, we’re experiencing a little cooling trend that feels rather nice after some really hot days. That’s the weather report for now.

I now have 19 art pieces up on Fine Art America. I did find out that a couple folks decided on a coffee mug with my art on them. The cups really look nice and it’s given me an idea of how to get the word out about my art via coffee shops. More on that later. Also, the 20% discount still holds through till September 10th. So, if you might be interested in purchasing a print or canvas of one of my pieces please get the Art Discount Code and use it when you purchase something.

As far as the written word goes, I’m currently revising a science fiction work that I’ve re-titled and is scheduled to be released around the middle of October. More on that later on.

I want to thank everyone who has stopped by this blog and liked my posts. I would like to encourage you to share these with your friends via your social media circles. Once again, a big THANK YOU! Blessings on your day and all you do!