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In The Enemy’s Service

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The invasion of Alasia by the Malornians is deadly, swift and heartbreaking. Ten year old Anya finds herself torn from those she loves and forced into servitude to the ruthless conquerors. Life looks hopeless, or so it seems. After a time, little Anya finds clever ways to spy on these invaders from the south and slip valuable information to the resistance. Yes, there is a resistance faction that has managed to slip away from the Malornian cutthroats and rally some hope. While on one of her clandestine information gathering mission, Anya stumbles across references to her own family that hint of disturbing things. Then, almost out of nowhere, a stranger comes into her life confirming her findings and charging her father with helping the enemy with the invasion. Now Anya has a problem. Will her continued help for the resistance also endanger her father for what he did? She has to know if what the stranger said is true, but will she be too late in the finding out?

In The Enemy’s Service is Annie Douglass Lima’s second book in the Annals of Alasia and gives the reader another aspect of the Malornian Invasion of Alasia. This is another well crafted book filled with surprising things that will keep the reader glued to the pages. This is definitely a keeper for any fantasy reader’s library.

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