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The Butter Bean Gospel

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In Jentezen Franklin’s book, Fasting, there is this interesting story about butter beans. When he was a kid one of the projects they had to do was save their milk cartons at lunch and bring them back to class. After cutting the tops off, potting soil was put in and then each kid got a butter bean seed. The seed was put into the carton, then watered, and the carton placed on the window shelf. Each day before class Jentezen would run over and see his carton. After three days little green sprouts began to appear in some of the cartons. By the sixth days most of the cartons had green sprouts and some even had leaves. But not Jentezen’s. There appeared to be nothing but dirt. No sprout, no nothing. One the seventh day he couldn’t take it any longer. Arriving at class early, he went over and dug around, pulling the seed out. It had begun to sprout. His teacher came in and caught him. She told him he had taken the seed out of the soil too soon and destroyed his crop.

While reading this I was quickly reminded about the promises of God. Sometimes we try to figure out how it’s going to work. We disturb the soil and short circuit the promise. Through this story I felt that I had destroyed several crops that I was promised. I had been impatient and wanted to see things “now.” Sadly, as a result of my failure to wait, my promise withered.

I want to be a little more mindful, a lot more patient, and more diligent in seeking God’s face concerning the promises that are still planted. I don’t need to go digging them up to see if they’ll sprout. I just need to wait and see. Sometimes others may get their promises before I do, but that doesn’t mean that my promises isn’t going to come up. Yes, I need to wait and water and pray. Eventually the seed will spring forth and the harvest will happen.

Remember, don’t dig up the promises of God. You don’t want to loose your harvest. Patience is a virtue and waiting may mean a long, long time.

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