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“UnplugArt”© SC Macon

I was reminded of a few things.

1. The world’s way — me oriented or “I” problem. It’s all about me; the me generation or the Burger King era of “have it your way.”

2. God’s view — to think more highly of others than we do ourselves. This is not placing them on a pedestal to worship or strive to please, but to consider their problems, hurts and joys before ours.

3. Don’t choose anger. You can get angry but if it controls you it will only bring you into a deeper pit that may take you a whole season to get out of. A season can be a long time, it can elapse into years or decades.

4. To reach forward is to stretch one’s flesh and sometimes your faith. How we treat our bodies can also be how we treat our faith. Most athletes stretch before an event, so likewise, perhaps we should stretch our faith before we jump into some ministry event.

5. Don’t be too impressed with your resume (good or bad). You might also want to consider this fact which ties in here: Don’t believe your own press. No one is right about everything.

6. Welcome your future by relinquishing your past. Sometimes this one is hard to get beyond and may take years to sort through. But the beginning of any journey is the first step.

7. Are you willing to do something that you’re not comfortable in doing? Perhaps this is serving in a soup kitchen or going on a missions trip to a third world country; or perhaps a missions trip to some place in the United States that is in desperate need of folks who have servants hearts.

Let us consider where we are in life and how we can best serve others and in doing so we’ll find ourselves receiving blessings that we thought beyond us. In all honesty it is hard to disengage from this Western cultural mindset of having things our way and focused solely on our goals and ambitions. Perhaps it’s time to unplug and see where the Shepherd will lead us.

— excerpt from Road Trip © SC Macon

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