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Prince of Malorn

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Korram is the crown prince of Malorn and he’s seventeen. His father, the king, died of mysterious causes and he’ll be crowned king when he reaches his eighteen birthday. But there’s a shadow over this future event. The shadow, Regent Rampus, who is the temporary ruler of the kingdom until Korram reaches his birthday.

Prince Korram soon learns that Regent Rampus has his own designs for the throne and thus realizes he needs to find a way of dealing with this treacherous man. He needs his own army, people who he can trust to stand with him when the time comes to face Rampus. So the young prince ventures into the Impassable Mountains to recruit an army from the one region of Malorn that is not under the regent’s control. This will be a challenging task and those who know about it feel that it just might lead to the prince’s death, making Rampus the legal ruler of Malorn by default.

As Korram ventures into the Impassables and meets up with the Mountain Folk, his life is changed in more ways than he had anticipated. He suddenly becomes aware of a whole culture of people that he has only the slightest clue as to how they live and survive in this mountainous terrain. Adapting to this culture is going to be the greatest challenge of his lifetime.

Annie Douglass Lima’s Prince of Malorn is a masterfully crafted book packed with adventure, terror, hopelessness and death; but it’s laced with hope, grace and determination that will keep the reader turning the pages as this challenging trek by this young prince delivers a heartfelt message. Ms. Lima is a master at crafting people and places that will touch your heart and soul and give you tears and joy at the same time. I believe these Annals of Alasia books will one day be classics alongside Tolkien, CS Lewis and Kipling.

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