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A Season of Miracles

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Have you ever gone into your library, where you keep all the books you’ve read throughout a decade or several decades, and just glance at the titles? Some may even bring a smile to your lips. Then, a particular title kind of screams at you. The decision is made, another read is in order. I’ve done that on several occasions and some books I try to re-read at least once every year. Then others are read when something stirs to memory a moment, an event that brings things in the book to mind. Such is A Season of Miracles by Rusty Whitener. Here is my earlier review of it. It’s a book worth reading again. Please check it out.


Some say you should never look back. You can’t change a thing as to what life has dished out to you in the course of your lifetime. Perhaps so, but A Season of Miracles is a reflective look back for Zack Ross and his final year in Little League. It’s 1971 and in southern Alabama, Zack and his Little League team are about to find out that life can be filled with change even when it appears that life is just the same old same old. Zack and the Robins are looking forward to hopefully finishing better than the year before. It would be great to win the Little League championship, but at the moment that’s just a dream. A dream until a youngster by the name of Rafer is found sitting by a tree and suddenly becomes the key player that will give the Robin’s a shot at the championship. Rafer is also the key element in the changes that will spill over into Zack and his teammates and effect them the rest of their lives.

Rusty Whitener’s novel is a reflective look into the past, filled with humor and heartache. It’s about faith and hope in the middle of impossible odds and a glimmer into how simple events can shape the destiny of many who might be clueless as to what’s going on around them. This is a good read and the movie version stays pretty close to the novel’s plot line. Get it, read it; for it will be an impacting book. The movie is very good as well.

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