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Dragonflies in Garden

“Dragonflies in Garden” © SCM

Nearly three years ago, a friend and I traveled down to Florida just to get away from the icy chill of the Appalachian Mountains. We had a stopover in St. Augustine where we enjoyed a couple of days seeing the sights of this ancient city. Took a lot of pictures. Several of those pictures I turned into art and one of those art pieces I wanted to spotlight today. The title of this piece is “Dragonflies in Garden.” We spotted this neat garden on our walkabout St. Augustine. Dragonflies are my favorite insects. I’ve loved these little creatures since I was small myself. There’s a whole tale in that itself; perhaps one day I’ll share that. Anyway, this art piece is my reminder of the bugs I like. Hope you enjoy it as well. If you think you might like a print then click HERE to go to my gallery where you have several options of style and a place to order. Thank you for stopping by and have a very Blessed Day… Blue Skies!!

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