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Do You Hear Music?

Do you hear music? Perhaps in the distance, the next room or across the street, someone is playing a tune on the radio, ipad or their car. Perhaps it’s a bit silent where you are today…. so, having said that I just wanted to toot my own horn a bit and post a little note from my friend, Billi Caye, from her intro to my sci-fi short-story book, Mad Earth and Wild Space. So here it is:


Image © SM Jaxx


Many have fancied venturing into space similar to the pioneers who headed west seeking a new life, fame or fortune. As with the Wild West, Wild Space has been penned by many a writer. Star Wars, according to some, is a space opera classic. Add to that, Firefly, where we really do have a space western with six shooters and the whole works.

The romance of the Wild West reflected in Wild Space is a perfect place for one of the following three stories penned by my good writer friend, Steven C. Macon.

As with any space western we have our colorful villains who specialize in dealing out death and destruction. There is always the hero who is facing his own challenges and he usually has to take on the bad guy sooner or later. There is also the pretty girl, a faithful sidekick and strange and bazaar places. The perfect setting for gunslingers to show up whose reputations have brought fear to those throughout the empire.

But there is more to Steven’s collection here. There are other wild forces in the universe dealing out death and destruction besides gunslingers from the stars. Mother Nature can be a hard villain at times. Sometimes even deadlier than a gunslinger. Taking into account the environmental impact that man has had and continues to have on this planet, one might agree that the Earth has gone mad. When Mother Earth goes mad, then anything can happen! Three stories of impending peril that may cause you to shutter or to be looking over your shoulder for awhile.
— Billi Caye, author Sail the Sky


Perhaps this has made you a bit curious. If so, please check the book out HERE. It’s available in both print and ebook at an affordable price. Again, thank you for letting me toot my own horn about one of my book. May your day be filled with blessings and Blue Skies….

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