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Remembering Redbank

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Coming of age novels usually leaves a reader with a deep feeling of having relived a period of time long forgotten, yet wonderfully remembered as turning points to adulthood. Jack Coleman’s Remembering Redbank is a remarkable work that will stir the heart of any age. It is the story of Jack White and his friends and their last years of high school in the small Virginia town of Redbank. It will be the best of times as Jack and his friend, Jack Algood, try out for the football team. They will find themselves key players on a team that will make state history very soon. It is a time of love as Jack White meets the new girl in town, Barbara James, and falls head over heels. The other Jack is smitten by Anne Adams, who’s father is the prestigious doctor in town. Little do they know where this romance will lead. The reader will be entertained as Jack and his friends meet at the local soda fountain to chat and hatch out plans for summer break. One project turns a rusty old 1928 Model A Ford into what will become an icon for the Redbank High football team in the years to come. But alas, the best of times will become the worst of times as Jack and his friends must experience the specter of murder, accusation, and possible prison sentence. Jack White and his friends’ lives are changed forever as the worst of times settles in like a dark menacing thunderstorm. Jack Coleman has penned a remarkable coming of age novel that will warm your heart and keep you on the edge of your seat as his young characters take you through their final years of high school. This is a must read for those who enjoy remembering times past.

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