Fairy Tale Cookbook

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Did the thought ever cross your mind, “What kind of cookbook did Snow White use?” Surely that thought has crept across your brain perhaps at least once while reading the story. Right? She had to feed all those Seven Dwarfs. A cookbook definitely would have been handy. Maybe this is a little silly, but it’s worth checking into. Cinderella had some mouths to feed and let’s not forget about Red Riding Hood on her way to Granny’s with something. After all that sly wolf was certain Red had some goodies in her basket. Well, if you want to find a cookbook with a fairy tale flavor to it, then checkout Annie Douglass Lima’s new non-fiction book that is coming out the 13th of this month. On that day, she’ll have her Once Upon a Bowl of Oatmeal cookbook blog-tour right here. Stay tune, some free stuff will be happening with it…..