Mad Earth and Wild Space
Get ready to experience an Earth gone mad, a fireball in the sky that has its own madness and is ready to unleash its fury. Add to this mix of mayhem, wild forces beyond the stars where gunslingers are specializing in dealing out death and destruction, while making a name for themselves. Three compelling stories of impending peril that may cause you to shutter or to be looking over your shoulder for awhile.  Print      eBook 


The Shades That People Make
The 1960s and 70s were a world wide stage for a generation rebelling against the establishment. Protesting the war in Vietnam was just one of the major stage events of the era. Racial equality was a lesson trying to be learned and is still in the learning stage as of this new century. This was a period rich in expression both in the printed page, the arts, and vocal lyrics. The Shades That People Make is about those troubled times and how they effected one young writer’s view of himself, life in general, and the rest of the world. Yet today, after many years in a closed file drawer these poems are resurrected to see the light of a new era and a new century, and yet somehow, these same words still reflect the mood and uneasiness of these new troubled times.  Order

SmelltheCoffeeNEW20194ECVFrontCoverVer02Stop & Smell the Coffee
Are we so busy with our jobs, schools, ministries and such that we fail to see the world around us? Has this high-tech environment sucked all the real meaning of life out of our poor souls? One has to wonder at times the cost of all these “gadgets” that have become our life-support systems. Perhaps it is time to stop and smell the coffee for a change and not just guzzle it down. Life’s not always a drive thru. Order

RoadtripRoad Trip: The Highway of Life Devotional
This is a book about life, a look into the ordinary day of our lives. Sometime we just need to think about things, ponder a word from someone outside our life who might give us a little glimpse into our own soul, our own difficult situation or whatever. This is the perfect travel companion as you make your daily journey on the road of life. It will be an encouraging friend who will say just the right thing when you need to hear it. Not a pushy, in your face kind of friend, but one that gives you the wisdom you need through everyday conversation. Saddle up as you prepare to hit the road. Print    eBook

55x85FrontCVLife’s A Circus
Stage Play – Comedy: The story takes place in the early 1980s and center’s around Billy Lang, an Vietnam veteran, making a living as a writer of commercials for local radio stations. A former college friend, who Billy hasn’t seen in years, shows up requesting a lodging for a time. This college friend has acquired a job at a local amusement park and the resulting misadventures of this new reunion makes for some interesting times. Order

55x85FrontCV07AAStrange Visions of a Daydream Prophet
Resurrected from a dusty file drawer, these poems come to life in a new era and a new century. Yet, somehow, these same words still reflect the mood and uneasiness of these new troubled times. Some say history repeats itself, and perhaps in this case, life seems to repeat itself as well as social order and disorder. Order


BBandIndiansFCVBuffaloes, Beads & Indians
A raging war in southeast Asia prompted many forms of protest through literature, music, art and film making. There was a call to remember the earth and the other forms of life on this planet. The 1970s were the stage for many changes in the culture and society known as America. Most of it began in the early part of the 1960s and continued strong throughout much of the 1970s when this young writer went to college. Communes sprang up across America as the Flower Power Generation sought to return to the earth and resurrect the nearly forgotten Native American culture. One of their great symbols was the buffalo. At one time millions of buffaloes roamed the Great Plains of the United States… it’s a fact verified by history. As the white man pushed his way westward, the buffaloes and the Native Americans who hunted them, gradually disappeared. Native Americans were regulated to reservations and the buffaloes nearly vanished from existence. Order