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Mr. Lazarus

Paul Dellinger’s collection of short stories is like stepping into a time machine and slipping back into time and space where sci-fi short stories were the predominate force with genre magazines for nearly five decades. Spanning a time frame of two centuries (1962 to 2013), these stories have the flavor of old time pulp fiction… Continue reading Mr. Lazarus

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The Cat Sitter’s Cradle

Life on a small resort island can be very profitable in surprising ways. Dixie Hemingway has built her pet-sitting business into popular demand. She’s respected by most of the residents of Siesta Key when it comes to taking care of pets whether they be cat, dog or whatever. Dixie will do the job to the… Continue reading The Cat Sitter’s Cradle

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Hamal & The Lightning Girl

We all love a murder mystery from time to time. Who done it and why always tingles the senses with speculations that the accused is, in fact, very innocent but all clues point to the very fact of guilt. But in King’s Barrow, when a young weathermaker is brought in for supposedly murdering her master,… Continue reading Hamal & The Lightning Girl