The Fog-Soon Rising

Perhaps the Earth has gone mad. A thought that has crossed your mind? With all the drama about climate change and other subjects, the Earth maybe going crazy and those of us clinging here, along for the ride, might be in for some wild times. I’m going to post a snippet from my really short story collection, Mad Earth and Wild Space. This little excerpt should give you the flavor of the book, and let me tell you, it’s a wild ride for sure. In a few days a portion of The Fog will be posted here for you to read and get your feet wet. Enjoy…..

Seeing Clearly

Sometimes we see clearly, but for the most part life is kind of like driving in a fog. At times the fog gets so dense you can’t see the road ahead. Such is life. Problems and situations get so overwhelming you wonder where up is because everything looks like it’s going down. How do we see clearly when the fog is swirling around us? We just pray for a wind, a wind to drive the fog away and allow us to see clearly for even the briefest of moments. The wind of the Holy Spirit will blow across the fog that clouds our world and allows us to see little glimpses of clear sky and a clear road. Then we know we’re on the right track or we’ve taken a wrong turn. It is there we realize that we have to adjust course and get back on the right road. Sure, the fog will come in again, rising up to hamper our way, but we must continue onward and pray for the wind to blow so we can see clearly.
— excerpt Stop & Smell the Coffee © by Steven C. Macon