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Should I Choose to Die Again

There’s a special place called King’s Barrow. Special folks live there and have for hundreds of years. These are the gifted people; flamemakers, jewelers, weathermakers, growers, artists, seers, alchemist and healers. Everyone has a gift that they were born with and usually determines what they do in life. Hamal is a young man who considers… Continue reading Should I Choose to Die Again

book reviews, books, faith, friends, murder, mystery

Hamal & The Lightning Girl

We all love a murder mystery from time to time. Who done it and why always tingles the senses with speculations that the accused is, in fact, very innocent but all clues point to the very fact of guilt. But in King’s Barrow, when a young weathermaker is brought in for supposedly murdering her master,… Continue reading Hamal & The Lightning Girl