Two Blogs

After much thought, I’ve determined that this site would be representative of my art and books; all things related to that aspect of my creativity in regard to the printed and painted impressions of my mind. Now the other thoughts, those musing that might be considered opinions and reflections of life in general, i.e, the things I see around me; the world, i.e, the rest of the stuff happening here on the Big Blue Marble and Beyond, i.e, those things that might have a more spiritual concept to them, should be placed on another blog platform; hence, Past The Gatepost. This is where you’ll find those musings. From this point onward, The Pen Brush News will be about art and books. Hope this doesn’t confuse anyone. There you have it.

Update City 19:1

A long time ago, when I was in high school, I started writing songs as part of a folk trio that my good friend and I fashioned. Through the course of song I developed an admiration for poetry, especially the stuff coming out of the San Francisco Bay area. Rod McKuen became a favorite poet as well as Bob Dylan and his magic with songs. Over the course of time, numerous volumes of poetry would be written and submitted for publication. Thankfully, my college literary magazine published several of my poems. From there I did get a book contract with a Chicago based publisher. Needless to say, Magic Christian, (yes that was the title) did not make it anywhere near the popularity that I envisioned for it. Such is life. Over the course of time I would continue to write songs and poetry. Neither our band or my poetry would make a splash anywhere. My poetry eventually would come back again and then fade away like the tide. How, once again, a new poetry volume is getting ready to be released. Soon, a cover reveal will be announced and a projected publication date. There you have it. Stay tuned!