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Annie Douglass Lima has penned another great adventure. This new novel, King of Malorn, is a fantastic read. Here is what I thought about it:
There’s much to be said for being born into a royal family, especially if one’s older brother happens to be king. One might think that a princess’ life should be fabulous and filled with all kinds of special things. Right? Well, Princess Kelandria doesn’t really see it that way. No, not really. She hears all the whispered murmurings of those discontents who are silently undermining King Korram’s rule. They really want to see him off the throne and their puppet placed there. Will this undercurrent never end? The palace is already a caldron of anxiety ready to explode.

She must do something about it! But what? Her seventeen birthday is coming up, so Kelandria plans a ball that should take the edge off everyone, hopefully. A smile comes to her lips as she’s determined to make sure that King Jaymin of Alasia is the top name on the invitation list. She’s certain he’ll come and, hopefully, it will be the kind of party where he’ll notice her. Just that thought takes her breath away. It’s been the hope of her heart for as long as she can remember.

Parties have a tendency to get crashed or derailed before they begin. Such is the case of the whisperers who devise an assassination plot that is nearly successful. Not only are these assassins after King Korram, but also Princess Kelandria and King Jaymin. Princess Kelandria, her brother and their Alasian friend must flee into the wilderness or face certain death. All the while they are pursued my assassins who want to make sure they vanish from the landscape forever. Kelandria sees another side of life that suddenly becomes ugly real and she has to adapted or perish. Who can they trust? This is a question that will ever haunt them as they flee deeper into the wilderness looking for allies who might be willing to help them reclaim the throne.

Annie Douglass Lima has penned another great adventure that will keep the reader turning the pages. This is more than an your typical running away from danger tale. It’s a heart tugging action adventure story that will spin the reader into a world of dark secrets, crafty villains, turn-coat friends and heart wrenching tears of love and loss. Once the adventure begins, you’ll be swept into an fantastic story that will tug at one’s heart nearly on every page.


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KingofMalornBook Description:

Life as the king’s younger sister should be exciting.

Not for Princess Kalendria. She’s sick of the dissent and of constantly having her family undermined by those who think they could rule Malorn better than King Korram.

Hoping to lighten the mood in the palace, Kalendria plans a ball to celebrate her seventeenth birthday. It doesn’t hurt that their handsome Alasian ally King Jaymin has promised to attend, and she’s been waiting for him to notice her for as long as she can remember.

But unfriendly forces have their own party plans. When Kalendria, Korram, and Jaymin barely survive an assassination attempt, their only recourse is to flee into the wilderness. Tracked by unknown assassins, they must figure out whom they can trust and who is behind the plot. Can Kalendria help her brother reclaim his throne – oh, and catch Jaymin’s attention while she’s at it – before they are all killed and war destroys both kingdoms?

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Want to know more about the series? Here is what Annie has to say about her series:

King of Malorn is book 5 in the Annals of Alasia. But don’t worry if you haven’t read the others; it will still make sense on its own.

Each of the first four books can stand on its own as well. They each deal with events surrounding the same major political incident: the invasion of the kingdom of Alasia by the neighboring kingdom of Malorn.

Annals of Alasia
Prince of Alasia begins on the night of the Invasion and describes what happens to twelve-year-old Prince Jaymin after he is forced to flee for his life.

In the Enemy’s Service features a girl as the protagonist and tells the story of those who were not able to escape from the Alasian palace when the enemy invaded.

Prince of Malorn begins several months earlier and focuses on the Malornian perspective of the events leading up to the Invasion.

The Nameless Soldier shows how a young Alasian soldier lives through the Invasion but then has to survive and make a name for himself in enemy-occupied Alasia.

In each of the books, main characters from the others make brief appearances and interact with each other at the point where the timeframes and settings overlap.

I also have a short ebook of “interviews” that I conducted with the characters in the other three books. Annals of Alasia: The Collected Interviews is not available on Amazon, but I send a free copy to anyone who signs up for my mailing list (to receive updates when I release new books or occasionally offer them for free).

Annie Douglass LimaAuthor Biography:

Annie Douglass Lima considers herself fortunate to have traveled in twenty different countries and lived in four of them. A fifth-grade teacher in her “other” life, she loves reading to her students and sparking their imaginations. Her books include science fiction, fantasy, YA action and adventure novels, a puppet script, anthologies of her students’ poetry, and Bible verse coloring and activity books. When she isn’t teaching or writing, Annie can often be found sipping spiced chai or pomegranate green tea in exotic locations, some of which exist in this world.


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