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The Student and the Slave

Tarnestra, the lone province in the Krillonian Empire to outlaw slavery, is now home of thousands of freedom seeking slaves. Yes, Bensin’s collar is gone, but freedom, the one he envisioned for himself and his sister, certainly looks much different than what he envisioned. This influx of freedom seeking slaves has stretched the job markets… Continue reading The Student and the Slave

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The Gladiator and the Guard

We’re back in the Krillonian Empire. It’s been four years and during that time Bensin has won his sister’s freedom. Yet, Bensin hasn’t won his own freedom. That will take a little bit of time but there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon. It is possible he could win a second Grand Imperial… Continue reading The Gladiator and the Guard

book reviews, books, martial arts, slavery, swords

Collar & the Cavvarach

The Collar and the Cavvarach Krillonian Chronicles – Book 1 by Annie Douglass Lima Picture yourself in a world where slavery is as common as union workers, nurses and doctors. Strange world one might think. Most Americans and folks in western culture only know about slavery through history or current media hype. But, envision this… Continue reading Collar & the Cavvarach